Breathe into me for I cannot draw another breath.
The memory of you that I’ve held so dear, the memory of everything you were in the end, pulls me close to shore, although I know I’ll never make it.
The tide is coming in, engulfing me in yet another wave, and I am again reminded that this is only still a memory, a clever trick played by my brain because I cannot come to grips with the person you became towards your demise. 

Stretch your skin across my bones for I cannot feel a thing.
The morphine shot through my hollow vein prevents me from feeling the fallout of my lost organ (stolen and probably set into oblivion) but that doesn’t mean I want to turn numb to everything else.
In fact, I know that I feel far too much, that my capacity to understand another’s sorrow is almost overflowing and my repulsion for the actions of others isn’t far behind. 

Break my heart and shatter what’s left of it into a million shards for I cannot bear another day without you.
The lies you feed me, the undeniable cunning of your ways, don’t change the fact that I have loved you from the first time our eyes met, my vulnerability and naïveté were not without consequence.
The very sight of you, in all your magnificent brilliance, made my heart stop beating (if only just for a moment) and I know, my dear, that it has never quite beat the same way since. 

Captivate and enthrall me until the end of my days (only to follow me straight down to Hell) for I will never be immune to your charms. 

You, my love, are the only reason I have for living, far greater than just living for breathing’s sake.
The best reason to ever cross my lips. 

© Copyright December 2016/January 2017

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