From the look in your eyes to the song that plays in my head, I cannot help but shed a tear, for there has never been anything more beautiful.
Whereas my heart has grown cold, it too has softened, what was once frozen is now thawed by the simplest of circumstance.
My vital organ sure as hell doesn’t bleed for the same things, but the Devil knows it beats for you.

I cannot recall a time when such simplicity took the breath out of my lungs, a miraculous feat considering the state of our atmosphere.
The harshness that divides shall now be brought together by the beauty and astonishing grace of a brand new movement, one of the neuromantic kind.
While other hearts grow all the colder still, I know that mine shall only burn brighter from the subtle spectacles that surround us, never ceasing to amaze. 

Let this whole world dissolve into itself for this love of ours will prevail throughout the insanity, as it has now and forever.

We’ll make it through to the bitter end. 

© Copyright March 2017/April 2017