Unending Fury

Your metal and chrome sings to me from beyond, beckoning to a time that long ago died.
From the moment my enthusiastic gray eyes witnessed your beauty, I knew that you were something special.
Underneath your rust and time-ravaged exterior there is something even darker, the resemblance to a grave that I will find out far too late.

Wild is the look in my eyes whenever I am in your presence, for it is you who has pulled me out the abyss.
Because of you, this power that you hold over me, I feel something I’ve never felt before.
The audacity to face those who have pushed me around for years on end, the confidence to whisk the most beautiful girl off her feet and straight into my arms.

Months pass and I begin to feel a change, an apathetic animosity that was once only harnessed by the wretched being that now takes residence in your insides, the very one who’s heart it broke to sell your soul.
There is a kind of bloodlust that surrounds me, an inaudible hum that rattles just beneath your exterior, a jealousy so palpable that I can all but ignore it.
I am defenseless, helpless to the overwhelming possession that you have on me, completely blind to the chaos enveloping everything around me.

Those around me cannot bear to stand it any longer, this monster I’ve become, but I could care less.
For you are all that matters, your leather-pressed interior gives me a comfort incomparable to anything else I’ve ever felt before.
I can feel a poison coursing through my veins, as if the fury has changed hands completely, traveled twenty years to plunge its hands into my chest.

Beneath the restoration I imagined I worked so hard to achieve, I finally see that resemblance of the grave, your insides the blackest midnight, a rotting stench from deep below.
I know now that it is too late, the grip you have on my soul is much too strong, for I was under the waves from the start, my body was never truly mine from that moment on.
Our demise will be a thing of horrific beauty, our bones crushed under different vehicles of metal means, my heart stopping the minute your engine finally gave out.
My body will be embalmed and buried through and inside the dirt, yours compressed into something that is the farthest thing from beautiful, no longer resembling the gorgeousness I first laid my eyes on.

I will be dead and buried but you will live on forever, for your spirit will be a living nightmare, haunting this Earth until your hunger is satisfied.

Forever reigning in your unending fury.

© Copyright August 2016

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