Snakebites & Alcohol

Examine the loss of energy and contempt that’s so closely becoming visible.
Too much blood has been lost and time has been forever cut short.
Stitch and staple the flesh torn away from the body, destroyed by the venomous sting.

Pull the sutures tighter and force the delicate metal with a steady hand, there’s no time for foolish error.
The simple state of consciousness is reached time and time again,
only to be lost within seconds of begin regained.
Sever whatever is still left of the brutal infection; there might still be time to safe this cause yet…

Opening your eyes, you find that it’s all over now.
Quite literally, the procedure you’ve been festering and contemplating over is finished,
and what a success it is.
The end result is nothing like you imagined in your subconscious,
and at the same time, it’s everything.
No blood or fury as associated with a truly lethal bite, only soreness and the new awkward feeling of metal rings attached to previously unpierced skin.

Enjoy the two pieces of metal on either side of your lip, it’s something of beauty in the eyes of the extraordinary.
The uncomfortability will only last a little while, then falter into nothingness, but it’s all worth it.

The taste of metal is branded on your lips and the smell of alcohol imprinted in your sinuses.
Just be glad it’s nothing like a real snakebite…

© Copyright February 2011


You hide behind the clear perfections of a vinyl mask.
Ripe in youth and heated in bloodied mischief and irony, you’re a model citizen.
Violence and abuse for those most unsuspecting is the name of the game, your band of brothers always one step behind.
It’s only a matter of time; those brothers who follow you about so aimlessly will soon lose their patience and grow sick of your recklessness and indecency.
Lo and behold, they’ll be the end of you; they’ll be the result of your ultimate demise and utter downfall.

That fateful night is soon upon you, finding yourself betrayed and cast out from the camaraderie you once held so dear.
You’re pushed into an entirely difference existence, one that you must either accept or defy, there’s no two ways around it.
Isolated from the world you once knew, the outside world, you’re forced to change or risk the consequence of being alone.
Medication and clever preparation should take the edge off of your impulses, the need, the urge to misbehave.

The clock ticks ever so slowly,
it’s time to see what you’ve learned,
if you are indeed cured of your illness.
Images that once aroused every sense and made your heart beat and blood pound, now disgust and send you into a near convulsing state.
The same fact can be said for the sound you once found so beautiful,
it now sends you out the window of the highest floor.
In your desperation, you managed to successfully break almost every bone in your body…Almost.

You’re the biggest thing in the newspapers and headlines, the experimentations have apparently served their appropriate purpose.
Broken, cast-ridden and mischievously wide-eyed, you smile bright for only you know the truth of what’s behind the believed breakthroughs and creditability.
There isn’t a cure for the sickness that you have, that contempt and need for some kind of destruction is hard-wired in your blood, there’s no remedy whatsoever.
Smile for the cameras and tabloids because you’re cured, just keep telling them that fact, they’ll just keep on believing every word you say.

You’re cured, you’re cured indeed…
Like clockwork, you’ll be back to doing what you do best, the only things that keep you in touch with your so-called grasp on reality.
It’s only a matter of time.

© Copyright February 2011

My Classic French Vanilla Sunday Morning 

A mug of piping hot French Vanilla + my black Classic on shuffle = An interesting Sunday morning wake-up call.

“Whiskey In The Morning” – Buckcherry

“Desecrate Through Reverance” – Avenged Sevenfold

“Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back” – My Chemical Romance

“Black Anathema” – Calabrese

“Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us” – My Chemical Romance

“I Have To Go Return Some Videotapes” – Breathe Carolina

“Tyranny Of Normality” – Papa Roach

“Halloween In Heaven” – Type O Negative

“Self Pity” – AFI

“Gimme A D” – Parkway Drive

“Another Day, Another Way” – Volbeat

“Mad World” – Gary Jules

“Heaven” – A Skylit Drive

“They Call Us Death” – Calabrese

“Graverobber” – The Damned Things

How clever.