I came upon you like the chill of November, sending us into a head-on collision not even I could have predicted.
Slipping on through the night, on the edge of a darkness so foreign, we find ourselves alone with the ominous light of the moon.
Overcome are we with a desire so intoxicating, so overwhelming in it’s romantic simplicity, that it would be a sin to squander it’s advances. 

Trembling is the flesh in the face of an even greater sin, giving into the impassioned lust, the forbidden love that shall soon eclipse any other form of pleasure ever created.
The moonlight that I have adored my whole adult life illuminates our skin in its semi-eternal glow, an illumination that will no doubt further beautify the brightness of our shared lashes. 

We came creeping into the night and we shall leave this life screaming, for we will never go quietly.
Not in this life or the Hell that shall befall our souls upon death, for this type of anarchy is immortal, with no prospect of slowing down for anyone, not even the Devil himself. 

You appeal ever further to the darkness that resides in my soul. 

© Copyright September 2016/January 2017

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