Bound by my flesh and leather sanctuary, I hear the siren’s call.
That familiar buzz, the sound that breaks through any and all silences, cannot be replicated.
As the needle meets my skin, I am acquainted with a pain that can be traced to long ago, but is unlike any other. 

I cannot help but think of all those who have come before me, and all of those that never will.
The marks emblazoned on my hips shall forever be a memory to a time once passed, where the sun shown on my skin in the deepest of ways and the water gripped my very spirit.
A remembrance to that time passed and one that will never come again. 

It is rather inevitable that I find myself here once again, bound to you ever so tightly.
For I fear that you may just have whatever is left of my soul, the sliver that is not already stolen by the moonlight and Autumn’s breeze.
Instead of a memorial to a mere memory, forged in flesh and ink is a tribute to the very ones who brought me unto this Earth, for here is no Heavenly Father in this equation. 

But rather the hard-working and loving human beings for to whom which I am eternally and unconditionally grateful, regardless of opinion or quarrel.
Lead on through the pain by the new lords of rock ‘n roll, true lords of the wasteland, I come away equally bloody but clean all the same.
Beautiful semblances of love atop the soft and tender flesh of my feet, remarkably etched by a gentleman of incredible talent, a true master of his craft. 

Christ ain’t got shit on me. 

© Copyright March 2016/August 2016/September 2016


I found myself slipping away.
I found myself encapsulated in the silent solitude, the raging tides of an inconceivable dream.
I found myself slipping away.
Brazen and bruised from fighting the good fight.
The battle inside my body and mind is nothing more than a bracing afterthought.

I fall into a blackened abyss, the state of drowning inevitability.
I fall into a frenzied delusion, a wretched kind of hope only reserved for those who are primed and ready for the end.
I fall into an ocean, its tides sending me off into another time entirely, their waves blacker than the blood in my veins.
Brazen and bruised from fighting the good fight.
The battle inside my body and mind is nothing more than everything I’ve ever imagined it to be.

The likes of which will forever haunt me.

© Copyright February 2016/March 2016/August 2016/September 2016


Like God’s forgotten son, I shall rise from the ashes.
Eclipsed by the likes of my so-called better half, I will take this world by storm, unleashing myself onto everything I touch.
My appetite for everything blasphemous, everything scientific, so sacred and revered, shall not be swayed by another’s ignorance but rather shall grow to proportions so epic that they will not go unnoticed. 

Cast into the shadow, only to take back the throne that was so rightfully mine, for no one can sit atop quite as gracefully as I can.
My crown is not one of thorns but one of independence and strength, brazen in the freedoms I’ve so passionately earned.
For just like the bright one, the shining son, I shall not be feared or denied but rather celebrated. 

I will rise again. 

© Copyright September 2016


I want to return to that peaceful tranquility, the immaculate grace of your rolling hills, where forces of this sacred season call to me from regions unknown.
Beyond the colors of your sprawling trees, the landscape in which I bask, I can hear the beautiful voices that brought me here.

From the ones that stole my heart upon first listen to the ones that took its place this time around, their melodies carve a path through the fallen leaves, forever leading back to you.
In my youth, I merely reveled in the pleasure of your changing architecture, never burying myself too deeply in everything that was and will forever be your brilliance. 

Now, I cannot help but be drawn back to you, a magnificence cut in sunsets and funeral pyres, a Pagan fire that doesn’t just burn in October.
Immersed in leaves from so long ago, quiet and cold as a tomb, I feel a comfort unlike any other, kissed with the promise of never to be found. 

My heart ignites with thoughts of your touch, I wait until you make yourself known, for it beats with anticipation for months on end.
The burning of your sunsets and the illumination of your nights seeps into my soul, eternally branding me with the power buried deep within your season, one that never truly left.

I will return to the peaceful tranquility of your rolling hills, in your immaculate grace shall I bathe, for your love rests forever in my veins.
The Summer’s heat and the Winter’s chill cannot drive you away from my spirit, we have been entwined since the unlucky age of thirteen and shall be for the remainder of my days.
I will return to the immaculate peace and tranquil grace that captured my heart to begin with, wrapped in your embrace, a physical presence can be felt long after my body descends into the ground (or my ashes are strewn across the horizon).

You have indeed arrived. 

© Copyright September 2016


We hit this town like a lightning bolt, the hum of our motorcycles breaking the sanctity of normalcy.
Cloaked in black, we offset the brightness of the morning in which we arrive, unsuspecting but all the more intriguing.
Strangers are we, sent to your idyllic, war-ravaged planet, hellbent to destroy your puny existence. 

Our mission is a simple one at that, contaminate the very liquid that pieces together your body.
Within hours of our arrival, you’ll begin to notice a change, your demise somehow fitting considering all the damage you’ve caused.
Within hours of our arrival, I’ll begin to notice a change, my demise becoming all too real.

Despite the destruction that has befallen these pitiful beings, I find a shred of good in the one person I mean to disarm.
Despite my flesh and blood appearance, baby, I couldn’t be any more further from you, hailing from another galaxy entirely.

You know damn well you shouldn’t fall into my arms, for I am all that is your doom, but somehow our eyes still manage to meet when the clock strikes midnight.
I know with the very mechanics that make up my being that I am sent here to destroy your race and everything they are, but somehow I cannot turn away. 

All matters concerning our ill-fated love, all matters concerning the conflict surrounding my artificial heart don’t mean a thing for it comes down tonight.
The powers that be had this pathetic planet from the start for there is no stopping the imminent collapse that we’ve left in our wake.
I wish I could have spared you, but what would I be then? 

I am forever the one that took you down.
I am forever the maelstrom. 

© Copyright August 2016/September 2016


There’s a dirty feeling blowing in on the East wind.
The smell of soil, its dampness and all it contains permeates the senses, a drenching, soulless demeanor. 

The darkness calls out to me, beckons me with its eternal presence.
A presence that cannot be denied, one that will seek you out in the night, its selfishness unnerving. 

From beyond, to the deepest depths of the blackest midnight, I lie in anticipation for I know that it will come soon enough.
A feeling that cannot be matched, one that cannot be traced to any living soul, is the very best, for it is the most pure. 

It plunges deep into my chest, and I feel complete.
It makes its way throughout my flesh and an inch deeper into my blood, my body absorbing the very definition of pain.
It plunges deep into my heart, and I cannot deny it any longer. 

I feel whole. 

© Copyright September 2016