Reminds You You’re Still Human 

Two summers ago, I wrote about how I endured (somewhat painlessly actually) the snakebites that now adorn my lip in aqua labrets. This winter, I’m writing about something else I endured rather painlessly as well…My first tattoo.

I felt comfortable walking into the tattoo shop again, this time with my mom and sister, despite the fact I wasn’t getting anything pierced. I felt confident. I felt outrageously excited and not at all nervous as I spoke to the tattoo artist and told him what and how I wanted it to look and where. After drawing it up and figuring out how the size and such, I was taken back to my tattoo artist’s designated space. With the correct placement and agreement on said placement reached, I was ready to lie down in the tattoo chair and begin what I’d come here to receive. My first tattoo…On my lower stomach.

Before you start to freak out, it honestly didn’t hurt. Sure it was a little weird, but in all honesty it felt kind of good. It’s strange to say, but what else can I say? I guess I have a high pain tolerance. If only some people’s tolerance for other things were as strong…I would like to say that there was small talk  while I was getting the needle expertly carving words into my lower stomach, but there wasn’t. And there didn’t need to be. I didn’t squirm. I wasn’t screaming bloody murder. I admired the assorted artwork and articles on the wall of his station, and smiled whenever I heard him sing whatever song was playing overhead. Yes, I smiled. I couldn’t help but smile.

After a little over a half hour, my first tattoo was finished, and I found myself still smiling. How could I not? I’d just gotten my first tattoo, and I loved it. Well, I love it still, but you get the idea. Looking back at me in my reflection was ‘Walk Between The Raindrops’  across my lower stomach in black, the dotting of the “I” in raindrops being a light blue raindrop. Still gushing uncontrollably, I was told by Travis (I actually got his name this time) how to clean and take care of it, then proceeded to shake his hand and thank him for the great work. I was still gushing as we drove back home, and I’m still gushing as I sit here listening to Maroon 5, writing this post.

I’m surprised. I’m delighted that I went through with it, getting a tattoo, let alone my first, on such a spot as that. It was a big decision, especially actually going through with it, and being able to say it was enjoyable. Especially since it’s permanent. It’s something that will be with me for the rest of my natural life, and I love it…Now, my biggest decision this early Monday morning is whether or not to go to sleep, swooning to my Classic or finish watching Gangster No. 1 on Netflix. If only all decisions in life were that simple.

Pain is the most beautiful thing in world…It reminds you you’re still human.

Better With A Comfy Sweater & Chiodos

A while ago I said that the volleyball that was played during my gym class was pretty boring and not very amazing. I think we’re getting better, though. I’m not sure if I can say the same for myself, considering the fact I got hit in the head with the ball in our first real class game Thursday.

It’s typical protocol to wear the required gym attire to class every day. A pair of shorts and T-shirt, along with the occasional hoodie. Pretty simple. The majority of the time, I’m in the proper wear of surf shorts and the random shirt of the day. Thursday, I had my black shorts and dark purple Nightmare Before Christmas tee. My iPod shuffle was attached at my hip, as it has been ever since I realized I get pretty motivated through loud music. I didn’t bother to play it during the game, though. I figured I would try and actually pay attention for once. It didn’t get me very far…

I’ll admit, volleyball games have gotten better. The people playing actually do something now, with the exception on some days. I’m hardly ever bored when playing. That is, unless there’s another class in the gym, and everyone decides to gather to the net. Something like that can get really annoying if you’re wanting to actually play a game. With that once-and-a while-occasion, it’s a pretty good day in gym usually. All and all, I’d say we’ve improved.

…I’m not even sure how far into the game we were. All I knew was that the team I was on wasn’t hitting anything for a while and the other team was winning. We were obviously losing. The ball was coming right at me, which was probably the second or third time it’d came to me the entire game. The hit would’ve been perfect if I hadn’t move forward. Thinking I would move up so it didn’t hit the ground, I quickly moved up a little so I could ‘bump’ it. Bad move. I moved too far up and instead of hitting off my wrists as it usually did, the blue and white volleyball hit me on the right side of my dark red head. At first, I honestly wasn’t sure what happened. My team mates were giving me grief because I didn’t hit it, and the fact that I got hit in the head, added injury to insult. I quickly blew it off; something stupid like that didn’t matter anyway. I was definitely reminded of the game for the rest of the day. The collision that involved my head and the ball gave me the craziest headache, and maybe even knocked a little bit of sense into me. Only time will tell.

Whether be out of sheer laziness, a headache, or the fact that it was Friday, I didn’t bring my gym clothes yesterday. I had my shorts and shirt in my gym bag, all ready to be worn come third period. I just happened to ‘accidently’ forget them on the couch. Okay, it was all on purpose, but that gesture made me realize something. I’m a lot better at volleyball when I’m not appropriately dressed for gym. I walked out of the locker room in my super comfy, super fuzzy black sweater and Chiodos blasting in my ears…I played pretty awesome. For some reason, I was actually motivated to play, despite the fact I was just in regular clothes. Who knew that comfortable clothes and loud music could be a motivator for volleyball?

I exited the gym a little late, but it was worth it. My wrists were red under the sleeves of my black sweater and music still going through my green earbuds. It was a good 40 minutes of gym.

My motivation for sports lacks foundation and the breakdown.

Something to brighten my day

It’s the first day of September, and being the first day of September, you never know what’s going to happen. Granted, you never really know what’s gonna happen anyway, but the world is filled with surprises. And today, I got a very cheerful surprise.

I was walking home from school today. I didn’t really get very far, though. Just past the football field that’s behind school. It looked ever so deserted. I don’t think our team has played on it yet. I was walking past it, admiring it’s emptiness, when I heard a horn beep. At first I had no idea who was beeping at me, and was surprised I could still hear it above my earbuds. I’ve learned my lesson…Car horns and vocal chords can sometimes be louder than the volume of an iPod. I looked and saw it was my friend Trisha. I shut my iPod off and walked to the passenger’s side window. She asked me if I wanted a ride. I said sure.

I climbed into the van, and for some reason, was really surprised to see her. I honestly don’t know why. I think I have this thing where, I think it’s kinda different. Very open, candid. Some of my friends are already honest and totally straightforward, but to me, it just seems kinda different.

She asked me where I lived, and I told her what street. I must have thanked her for the ride 10 times. 😉 She told me it was her mom’s van. I said I wished I could drive. She asked when I turned 18…I said tomorrow. She smiled, and said that was cool. Pulling into my driveway, she asked me what my favorite candy bar was. I said Milky Way or Twix. I thanked her another 10 times for the ride. She said she’d text me.

Like, 4 hours later I got a text. It was from Trisha. She had a gift for me, and she wanted to know if she could drop it off. Of course! She called me before she pulled in. She forgot my address. I told her and she finally pulled in. I opened the front door and meet her out front. She was carrying a red bag with a white bow. Inside was a pack of Twix candy bars, a Milky Way, an AMP energy drink, and tiny PEZ candies, all wrapped in black wax paper. I was so surprised! I just mentioned that it was my birthday tomorrow, and she bought me something. I thought that was really cool. Super nice. Like the thing with the ride, I must have thanked her another 10 times. I was just surprised and happy.

We talked for a bit, then parted ways. She got in the van and I said bye through the driver’s side window. It was nice to have a surprise like that. I was also really surprised that only two of my friends said anything about my birthday. Granted, it’s not til tomorrow, but still. It was good, though. Surprises are always good.

Full of surprises, my day was definitely brightened.