Resting so peacefully in the slumber of your everlasting grace, everything around me melts away.
For centuries on end, you have suffered, been feared, cast into the harsh darkness in which you are now accustomed to.
A darkness that will never hold back a being so bright, for your glowing presence shall blind those too ignorant to know that you are a representation, not of our flesh and blood.

Metaphors aside, I shall identify with you nonetheless for you personify everything I have ever believed, deep down to my core.
Even when I knew such thoughts would never bring me into that shining kingdom of the afterlife that they always spoke of, I could not bear to exorcise you from my soul.
With every thought, every possible second- guessing of my actions, I know not of where I would be without the beliefs I hold so close to my being, but with this undying conviction comes the question…

What if I am wrong, and forever damned to some vague, albeit graphic existence amongst the very realm I’ve so righteously denied? 

I gave up on fairy tales long ago.
I gave up on fairy tales when I finally gave up their God.

© Copyright November 2016

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