You dominated my walks home, breathing a soothing solace into the chaos that surrounded me.
You burrowed your way into the Summer months, thrusting your beautiful beats, your sensuous words into the forefront of my mind.

You graced me with your presence in my darkest hours, when I thought it to be impossible to carry on any longer, when all hope seemed to evaporate before my very eyes.
You seized my imagination, my creative drive, and cast it in the most spectacular light, reassuring me forevermore that this is the reason Lucifer put me on this Earth, saving my life a thousand times over. 

You forced your way into the darkest recesses of my soul, awakening a passionate lust for another’s domination, a whole new way of loving.
You inched your way across my spine, opening my eyes to the limits that can be pushed, the blood that can be shed and the bruises that can be felt, inflicted in the utmost confidence and trust. 

You set my heart aflutter upon meeting you in the flesh, and despite the black Sharpie on black leather, words cannot express the ecstatic joy and gratefulness.
You calmed my nerves (while also setting them ablaze with excitement) upon seeing you in all your glory, making lascivious one of my favorite words forevermore. 

The movement that you’ve started and everything it encapsulates is a thing of beauty, an evolutionary feat that will shape this culture of despicable hate into one of enlightenment and open-mindedness.
Shattered are all notions of the norm, for it is the unique and the blaspheme that shall reign.
This movement and everything it encapsulates is a thing of beauty, an evolutionary feat that I am more than happy to be a part of. 

This is where it begins. 

© Copyright October 2016 

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