I’m full of static energy, my mind racing from the electricity you sent coursing through my veins.
I can feel it to my very core, with the nerves that connect with the sensation of touch, the remnants of what you left behind, a surge that sets me on edge.

With every look, I feel my heart beat even faster, the clichéd butterflies in my stomach still aflutter after all this time.
I cannot remember what it was like before you came, or rather I don’t think I want to because I know that I am not the same person, the change nothing short of extraordinary. 

Despite all that we have been through, I cannot imagine myself without you in my life, for I do not wish to relive those months of estrangement, a matter that rests coldly in the recesses of my mind never to see the light of day.
Regardless of any imperfections, the oddities and uniqueness that bring us together, make our hearts beat as one, I cannot imagine myself with anyone else for you are my dominate. 

Your touch will forever set my skin ablaze. 

© Copyright October 2016

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