There’s a dirty feeling blowing in on the East wind.
The smell of soil, its dampness and all it contains permeates the senses, a drenching, soulless demeanor. 

The darkness calls out to me, beckons me with its eternal presence.
A presence that cannot be denied, one that will seek you out in the night, its selfishness unnerving. 

From beyond, to the deepest depths of the blackest midnight, I lie in anticipation for I know that it will come soon enough.
A feeling that cannot be matched, one that cannot be traced to any living soul, is the very best, for it is the most pure. 

It plunges deep into my chest, and I feel complete.
It makes its way throughout my flesh and an inch deeper into my blood, my body absorbing the very definition of pain.
It plunges deep into my heart, and I cannot deny it any longer. 

I feel whole. 

© Copyright September 2016

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