Dangerous is the distance we cannot keep, anxious is the pressure crushing us.
The pressure that can be deliciously thrilling if it’s done right, and Devil knows we’ve done it right.
A trance-like feeling, the possession of our burning hearts and wretched souls consume all that we are. 

Hypnotic is the hold we have on each other, the carnal chemistry undeniable.
The chemistry that can be misleading in its molecular betrayal has the opposite effect in our presence.
A force that drives us into one another’s arms, this deadly consummation of sin, shall not be our undoing but rather our uprising. 

Encapsulated in the crispness of our love, the world which we were so engulfed in, drowning slowly, melts away.
Hell’s fiery flame and its soothing encouragement is the only place for us after death’s cool embrace, for we are too good to dwell elsewhere.
This possession, this force, the entanglement that we so shamelessly give into is truly a thing of beauty. 

Our young love will last even after the world ends. 

© Copyright August 2016

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