Our skin is the armor, the matter that is hard as steel, protecting our bones and muscles from each and every triumph and endeavor.
This same armor is what makes us truly beautiful, grand in every way imaginable.
Protecting, defending, battling throughout obstacles building something extraordinary from mere desperation and the will to hold on. 

Our skin is the body’s greatest organ, nerves upon nerves feeling what others thought could be felt, the greatest machine ever manufactured.
This same machine has suffered on throughout the ages, becoming all the more powerful still, staring fear and despair in the face, unflinching.
Seething, creating, fucking throughout millions of years of existence, building an empire from anxious energy and desires to evolve. 

This evolution of ours is truly what is divine, nothing above or below can attributed to something so sublime.
This evolution of ours is the reason we’ve come this far, anything less and you’d see time stand still. 

You will never witness anything more incredible in this lifetime. 

© Copyright August 2013/July2016

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