Mind Tricks Or The Plague Of Forgetfulness?

It was around 11 ‘o clock or so when it began to come on. Again.

The routine 11 to 11:30 episode of The Big Bang Theory was an earlier one from the first season, entitled “The Pancake Batter Anomaly”. Even though I knew I more than likely saw the episode before, I didn’t dare touch the remote…Granted, my dad had the remote and honestly, why wouldn’t you want to watch a rerun of Big Bang? It’s one of those shows I can watch and not get sick of…Long story short (and without giving too much away), Sheldon gets sick and Penny is stuck nursing him back to health. How does this particular episode pertain to what I’m currently typing?

Uncanny coincidence.

Sometime in that half-hour, I sneezed. Immediately after that one harmless sneeze, I felt that familiar haze of a sinus headache coming on. Of course. The day before I planned on finally retaking the English test, I start to feel like Death.

When I made the remark to my dad about how that’s just my luck, he told me maybe it’s psychological. Somehow my body is turning the fact that I’m a tad nervous into some kind of cold. Is it really possible for the psyche to turn something so little as a bit of nerves into the start of yet another temporary cold?…I honestly have no idea.

The cause of such random, short-term bouts with the common cold could either all be in my head or the fact that I’ve forgotten my scarf every time I go somewhere. The one thing that might actually be beneficial in the cold Ohio winter has been hanging over my comfy red chair in my bedroom, untouched and unused.

It’s 4:48 a.m. and I can still feel that familiar acquaintance known as headache plague my sinuses. Two decongestants and countless Kleenex, and the product hasn’t changed. I know the better half of me is saying that sleep is probably the best idea at this moment, and it does sound like a pretty nice idea. I want to say that my mind is racing (because it usually is at this time in the morning if sleep eludes me) but that could just be the soreness in my body (goddamn coughing!) and pressure in my sinuses talking. I know it is indeed the troublesome pain talking. I think I will actually give into my better judgement, and sleep this annoyance away.

Is it subliminal mind tricks or the every day action of forgetting?…This green-eyed girl may never know.

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