Universal Glitch

It’s almost 2 ‘o clock in the afternoon on this beautiful Thursday. Oddly enough, the word beautiful isn’t describing the cool, Autumn weather that usually makes itself known this time of year. The word beautiful is for another adjective entirely.

That other adjective is sunny. Sunny and warm.

According to The Weather Channel’s website, the temperature in my little slice of the city is 78 degrees and sunny. Funny to think that it’s Fall, and it’s almost 80 degrees. The majority of the leaves on the Maple tree in my backyard are already in a circular pattern below, with the exception of the red ones still clinging to their branches in the middle and bright yellows holding on near the bottom. The chaise lounge underneath the Maple looks oddly inviting, and yet I haven’t sat in it since Summer…The same thing can be said for my bicycle in the garage…That just might have to change.

Bike ride then sit on the chaise under the Maple, reading Hell’s Angels with a mug of warm apple cider…Sounds like a good idea…I think I might wait until the sun is setting though. I don’t exactly fancy the sun shining in my face while I read.

All this nice weather at the end of October…Maybe there’s some kind of glitch in the universe…It’s the last Thursday in October and it’s sunny and almost 80 outside. Who would’ve thought?

Enjoy what’s here before it’s gone.

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