A monster among men,
you’re as bad as they come, even worse.
The very thought of you disgusts me to the point of almost severe convulsions.
I fucking hate the very fibers of your being.
The Great Deceiver, the Father of Lies himself, wouldn’t go as low to sink to your level, your sins make the most blasphemous soul cringe.
You vow to protect the weak and (oh so) naïve, only for them to befall the object of your sickness, only for them to become your prey.
So unsuspecting are they, those who you vowed to educate and send out into the real world, steadfast and strong.
Disintegrated under the force of your deception, the betrayal and violence will be an everlasting scar on their conscience, the uncertainty is the deepest cut.
I should know, so unsuspecting,
so vulnerable and weak, I never saw you coming.

I should have known.

Venomous contempt is the
razor that severs the nerves that
cause the act of feeling.
Cold-blooded action is the
manipulation that severs the
nerves that cause the act of control.
What is to become of those you hurt?
Their innocence was put on display, stolen by the likes of your perversions.
Innocence that would never
be taken by your God, let alone the Fallen Angel himself.
Such desires are that of the sins that no one seems to recognize, swept under the rug by the hypocrites and the zealous.
Pray to your God all you please…
It’s only a matter of time before
the disease climbs its way back up,
screaming at the bars of your cage.

I fucking hate everything you are.

© Copyright September 2012