The Bubbles & The Bear

I watched the bubbles as they floated in the air, being carried by the occasional wind, while others hit the concrete before they could be devoured by the big monster in the yard. I felt like a kid again, blowing bubbles on a nice Summer day. Until the big monster in the backyard ate them…The monster I’m referring to is my dog, Tucker.

When I say that Tucker is a monster I don’t mean he’s a Great Dane or anything like that. He’s not a massive dog, he’s only massive compared to our other dog, a Beagle/Jack Russell mix. We think that Tuck is an English Foxhound, or at least that’s what he looks like. Every year since I got him for my 17th birthday, I’ve watched the AKC Eukanuba Dog Show to see which type of hound he might be, and my vote rests on the English Foxhound theory. I remember when I first got him he was a bag of bones, and that’s exactly what he sounded like when he laid down. A bag of bones. The same cannot be said now. Now he’s roughly 80 pounds and crashes into anything and everything. A couple of months ago, he rammed into the gate opening up to our backyard and just yesterday he ran right into an outdoor fireplace that is now used to hold potted plants. It’s like he doesn’t even feel whatever it is he runs into. He just keeps on moving…

A while ago I had this theory that if Tucker was a person he would be English actor Tom Hardy. It didn’t really make much sense until we found out what type of dog he might be. The theory only became more plausible when I found out Hardy’s character in the movie This Means War is indeed named Tuck. Yeah, it does seem silly but whatever…What can I say? I’m a Tom Hardy fan.

…Tucker (or “The Big Bear” as we often call him) is now obsessed with the bubble machine that we unearthed from the depths of the garage. At first, he wasn’t too sure where the bubbles came from or what they were. He just stared at them as they hit the ground, trying to figure out where they went. One of the bubbles managed to hit his back. After one popped on him, it was all over. Tuck managed to find that the bubbles were indeed coming from the bubble machine and not some kind of random manifestation. He then proceeded to stand in front of the machine and bite at the bubbles. Yes, you read right. Bite at the bubbles. It was the funniest thing.

“The Bear” was like a child, fascinated with something new and amusing. Like all good things have to come to an end, the merriment of the bubble machine was cut short, but that didn’t seem to bother Tuck one bit. Once the machine was shut off, he continued chewing the stick he found in the large pile by our fire pit. The simplest things make him happy. Sometimes I wish I was a dog.

You know your dog is like you when they fall going up the stairs.

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