Look for me in the impending cold, smell the scent that was long since forgotten.
Track my footsteps, my enemy
blissfully aware, unchained to the common ground.
Hunt until your legs give out, my enemy come find me, lose your inhabiting grip on what’s yours.
Devil knows I have.
More and more times over, I will only grow stronger, nothing can touch me.
Search for me a million and one times over, I’ll always be one step ahead…
Look for me in the impending chill, that smell long since forgotten sends pins and needles down your spine.
Track my footsteps throughout the changing night, my enemy blissfully unchained to the common ground.
This game we play is never-ending, satisfying to the highest degree.
This game we play is never-ending, I cannot wait for you to catch me.

© Copyright October 2011