Built of nothing but blood
and a poisonous conscience.
A failure that flat-lined before the breathing even began.
I’m made of nothing and yet, more than the capacity of your very heart.
Save your accusations and obvious reasons for someone who is guilty.
I’m only as guilty as you make me,
innocence isn’t in your DNA.
Break the bones to get to the heart, bleed only to become so much more wicked.
The night of revenge is soon upon us.
Sever and sacrifice the necessary means, you’ll better yourself in the end.
Vengeance for the cunning, rise above your rightful place.
This is beautiful.

Copyright 2011


Wrap me in a blanket of my own design, the dawn drawing near.
Never felt so alive and in the same breath, oh so dead.
Help me realize what it is that we’re missing, chastise me for what is it we can’t change.
Place the wool over my eyes and sing to me a lullaby, a song before dying.
Make up the story as your own, and sell it to the world.
The recovery period is swift and unsettling, something of an illusion.
Shock and amaze with the silence that is only so wretched and grand.
You’re a man of God with a silent secret, your own back-breaking burden.
Cover your eyes and adorn your
being in a final shade of darkness.
It’s the color you will be buried in,
no one competes where you’re going.
Never again.
Not your God or the Devil himself
know what you hide behind your newly dead eyes.
That truth is one all your own.
I will be wrapped in the warmth of the dawn, while you’re plunged into the impending twilight.
We share the same secret, but hold entirely different fates.
Yours is the truth, mine is just a lie.
I’m the greatest liar you’ve ever seen.

© Copyright July 2011