Collapse in and out of the dredges that you so righteously explore.
Experience all feelings, all nerves falter, leaving a numbing aftershock of solitude and regret.
The broken piece of glass is your one and only vice, never managing to break the skin no matter how hard you try.
Scratches that will scab and heal over time, but they’re nothing compared to the horrors you witness in your nightmares.
Nightmares that inflict loneliness and an ever-lasting gloom into your reality, when will the lines blur?
Fools might say that you turn to those shards of glass as a well-thought out cry for attention, some kind of bullshit trend.
You mutilate and scar not for the recognition and gossip of your peers, but because it’s the only thing that’s real anymore.
Pain took the place of any genuine feeling, any conscious thought.
Your scars eventually heal,
leaving no evidence that they were ever there.
You know better.
They will forever be etched in the fictional blackboard of your brain,
burned deeper and deeper.
Accept what cannot change, rise above the ashes of your own wreckage.

© Copyright June 2011

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