If Only, If Only

Last night, well, this morning (if you want to get all technical about it) I had a dream that the cure to Crohn’s Disease was available at a road-side stand. Yes, you heard right, a road-side stand. Preferably a road-side stand near a bank and a Starbucks because that’s just where it happened to be in my slumbering state. I had a lot of weird dreams before that I honestly can’t remember (I just know that they were weird), but this one stuck out like no other.

The cure, strangely enough, were giant horse pills that you opened and inside were more pills, only these were a lot smaller and looked like liquid-gels. After opening the horse pill and revealing the smaller pills, you’d have to put the smaller pills in assorted fruit cups in order for them be successfully serve their purpose….Do this a couple of times a day or whenever a flare happens (whatever strikes your fancy) and in no time it was supposed to cure Crohn’s Disease and its pain.

If only such a magic road-side stand existed…Then instead of me missing work last night because of the pain associated with my Crohn’s, I would just have my little pill-injected fruit cup and would be on my merry little way to feeling better. If only a such thing really existed…If only, if only.

My weird dreams reflect how unsafe my life is.