No Such Thing

Ragged, chipped, screaming for life.
We’re both equal.
You hit me, I hit back.
It’s an endless situation of an ill-fated victory, a designated afterthought.

Will we ever be beautiful again?
Can we ever show our faces to those who once adored us, the ones who now scoff at our expense?
Will we ever have that luxury?

Ragged, chipped, screaming for something new.
Are we still equal?
Do we still qualify as one living entity or have we become just the opposite of what we’ve always wanted?
You hit me, I hit back.
It’s nothing more than that vicious cycle over and over, the circle of friends you can’t seem to live without.

Can we ever be beautiful again?
Ever strive for something truly better than ourselves?
Is that much possible?…

Like the changing of the first Autumn leaves or
that first, crisp snow, we’ll always come back.
We’ll never really go away.

Our devotion and so-called equality towards each other is something that will never change.

© Copyright January 2011