Your death is painless, but so inflicting to those you knew.
Final moments accumulated into a split-second or two.
The moment before your selfish, self-absorbed jump.
You swallow hard, feeling the rope around your neck.
Memories flash right before your eyes, never to be seen again.
Is this painless, what did you feel?
There are no answers that are good enough.
There never will be any.

Your favorite color is splashed upon your grave.
Everything you left behind.
Nothing you’ll ever remember.
Does it pain you to know, or have you gone through enough?
Who the hell knows?
Why should I bother caring anymore?
It doesn’t grant anyone any ounce of solitude.
Your pain is finished, never to return again.
Never to creep up at the most frantic of times.
You’re not like us anymore, this much is clear.
You’re finished.

I hope you’re happy.

© Copyright July 2010

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