Only If It’s Real

Somewhere down that thin fine line there’s a common goal, some kind of mutual feeling.
This so-called mutual feeling scares the living hell out of me.
It means that we’re both witnessing the small tragedy right before our eyes.
It’s all colliding into itself all at once; we’re just the innocent bystanders.

We’re the ones that knew too much and yet, we knew oh so little.
There’s some kind of fire not too far down that line, one that has the ability to swallow us all in a matter of seconds.
One that has the destined right and honor to tear us to pieces, tear us the fuck apart.
This flame was once the vigor and intensity that we loved for, now it’s one that we fear.

It’s not aesthetically pleasing anymore, this miracle of a being.
This is the worst contradiction of our decade, the worst irony.

Glorify what lived and what lives on, not what once was.
Glorify what is truly meant to be glorified.

© Copyright July 2010

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