Architecture Of Fate & Denial

I fear the fall…
I fear this fear of falling because I’m falling for you.
We’re so different, it might not be meant to be.
I feel as if I’m blinded by the same love-struck foolishness that has beckoned me time and again.
I want to believe that my efforts aren’t meaningless, that my falling is indeed worth the fall.
My heavenly devotion to you is etched forever in the glass of your window, the cement of your building.
Scratched is my hopes and full knowledge of what I want, scratched is my affections, my love.
Will you reply to my message carved into your windows and walls?
My devotion painfully carved with the sharpest blade, the instrument used to intimidate and frighten, pushed to an unusual edge.
I pray that you mark the glass and cement with your reply, you hold the power which decides my fate, sets me free.
If my prayers aren’t met, if fate says it’s not meant to be, that rise and fall was heartbreaking, crushing, worth it…

You fear the fall…
You fear this fear of falling because you’re falling for me.
We’re so different, the reason why it is indeed not meant to be.
I feel as if I’m a gravitational pull to those who don’t deserve me, no one truly deserves me.
I want to believe that I don’t need someone else’s undying love to give me reassurance and full knowledge of my strengths and obligations.
Your heavenly devotion to me is etched forever in the glass of my window, the cement of my building, the message is quite clear.
Scratched is your hopes and full knowledge of what you want, scratched is my intricate and graceful reply.
Will my response carved in the window and walls ignite your flame or set your heart on ice?
Your devotion painfully carved with the sharpest blade, not as poisonous and lethal as my response to you.
You pray that I mark that glass and cement with my reply, you shall pray no longer.
Your prayers aren’t met, fate doesn’t hold the final determination, that rise and fall was worth it, but on the same edge, in vain…

Your heart fails you; you shall climb no longer, climb not at all.

© Copyright February 2010