Something to brighten my day

It’s the first day of September, and being the first day of September, you never know what’s going to happen. Granted, you never really know what’s gonna happen anyway, but the world is filled with surprises. And today, I got a very cheerful surprise.

I was walking home from school today. I didn’t really get very far, though. Just past the football field that’s behind school. It looked ever so deserted. I don’t think our team has played on it yet. I was walking past it, admiring it’s emptiness, when I heard a horn beep. At first I had no idea who was beeping at me, and was surprised I could still hear it above my earbuds. I’ve learned my lesson…Car horns and vocal chords can sometimes be louder than the volume of an iPod. I looked and saw it was my friend Trisha. I shut my iPod off and walked to the passenger’s side window. She asked me if I wanted a ride. I said sure.

I climbed into the van, and for some reason, was really surprised to see her. I honestly don’t know why. I think I have this thing where, I think it’s kinda different. Very open, candid. Some of my friends are already honest and totally straightforward, but to me, it just seems kinda different.

She asked me where I lived, and I told her what street. I must have thanked her for the ride 10 times. ūüėČ She told me it was her mom’s van. I said I wished I could drive. She asked when I turned 18…I said tomorrow. She smiled, and said that was cool. Pulling into my driveway, she asked me what my favorite candy bar was. I said Milky Way or Twix. I thanked her another 10 times for the ride. She said she’d text me.

Like, 4 hours later I got a text. It was from Trisha. She had a gift for me, and she wanted to know if she could drop it off. Of course! She called me before she pulled in. She forgot my address. I told her and she finally pulled in. I opened the front door and meet her out front. She was carrying a red bag with a white bow. Inside was a pack of Twix candy bars, a Milky Way, an AMP energy drink, and tiny PEZ candies, all wrapped in black wax paper. I was so surprised! I just mentioned that it was my birthday tomorrow, and she bought me something. I thought that was really cool. Super nice. Like the thing with the ride, I must have thanked her another 10 times. I was just surprised and happy.

We talked for a bit,¬†then parted ways. She got in the van and I said bye through the driver’s side window. It was nice to have a surprise like that. I was also really surprised that only two of my friends¬†said anything about my birthday. Granted, it’s not til tomorrow, but still. It was good, though. Surprises are always good.

Full of surprises, my day was definitely brightened.

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