Happy Birthday, Amy!

Today is, as you know, August 31st. The last day of August, but it’s not just the last day of August. It’s also my sister’s birthday.

So I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Amy! I know that ever few days she reads my blog, and tells me what she thinks about my posts and which are her favorites. I know she’ll stumble upon this entry first, unless I stay up late writing another post, (which I won’t!) but I’m sure this will be the first one she and everyone who visits my page will see. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Amy! I hope you had a really good birthday. I know I didn’t share it with you, but I did help pick out your present. 😉

Happy Birthday! Love you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Amy!

  1. Thanks for thinking of me sis! Today was pretty good, had some ice cream and hit some golf balls. I love my present you helped pick out, its burning right now. Love you too! 🙂

  2. Anytime and everytime! 😉 That’s good. I can’t wait for mine tomorrow. Ice cream and golf balls…An unlikely combination. Sweettt! 🙂

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