Not So Pretty…

Early yesterday morning, at 12:56 AM to be exact, my long time friend and I were talking about completely random things. I sent her a link for the video “The Price Of Beauty” by Suicide Silence cause she said she didn’t see it. In it, an already gorgeous young girl is getting plastic surgery done by an insane, sadistic doctor. The ending result was an array of stitches across her already pretty face…Watch for yourself and see what I mean.

After watching it, I realized how truly disgusting plastic surgery is. I mean, getting work done to your face and/or body just because you don’t like a part of yourself is just appalling. It’s crazy that someone would ruin a part of themselves just to look better. I know that people get plastic surgery for actual medical reasons, and that’s completely understandable, but getting it done just to make yourself look good isn’t the same thing.

Ugh!!! It just really annoys me that some people aren’t happy with themselves and feel the need to waste money (hard-earned or obtained from another source) on a nose job or fake boobs or even both possibly in the same operation. I hate people who look absolutely gorgeous and stunning already and then they destroy their natural beauty with implants or dissolving stitches.

Selfish. Narcissistic. People who aren’t happy with themselves need a reality check. Their lives could be alot worse.

Be happy for what you have, not for what you can’t acquire.

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